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MyciDB is your application dedicated to mushroom cultivation. Track each stage of your cultivation process, analyze your data, and optimize your production.

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How does it work ?


Maintain a comprehensive inventory log to ensure stock availability at all times and prevent shortages.

Spore Print

Record and analyze spore print data to identify the healthiest strains for future cultivation and maximize your mushroom diversity.


Simplify the tracking and administration of your agar plates. Stay organized, manage contamination risks, and ensure optimal growth conditions for your mushroom cultures.

Liquid Culture

Monitor growth progression, evaluate potential contamination risks, and establish consistent conditions for the robust development of healthy mycelium.

Spore Syringe

Thoroughly document spore syringe origins, age, and viability to guarantee dependable inoculations and increase the likelihood of successful outcomes.


Effortlessly oversee diverse substrates, monitor inoculation dates, and streamline productive spawn production to ensure a smooth cultivation process.

Fruiting Chamber

Effortlessly monitor and track the progression of your fruiting chambers over time until their final flush, ensuring optimal conditions for successful yields.


Monitor the cycles of flushes, assess yield trends, and refine your cultivation techniques to achieve consistent success in harvesting.

Start your mushroom journey now.

Optimizing growth conditions, maximizing yields, and simplifying your path to mushroom success. Never forget something ever again.


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$0 /month $0 /year

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  • Unlimited Boxes
  • Unlimited Spore Prints
  • 1 Agar plate
  • 1 Liquid Culture
  • Unlimited Spore Syringes
  • 1 Spawn
  • 1 Fruiting Chamber
  • Unlimited Flushes
  • 1 Image per experience


$8.45 /month $84.5 /year

Buy plan
  • Unlimited Boxes
  • Unlimited Spore Prints
  • 3 Agar plates
  • 1 Liquid Culture
  • Unlimited Spore Syringes
  • 2 Spawns
  • 2 Fruiting Chambers
  • Unlimited Flushes
  • 2 Images per experience


Most Popular

$13.45 /month $134.5 /year

Buy plan
  • Unlimited Boxes
  • Unlimited Spore Prints
  • 12 Agar plates
  • 5 Liquid Cultures
  • Unlimited Spore Syringes
  • 10 Spawns
  • 7 Fruiting Chambers
  • Unlimited Flushes
  • 4 Images per experience


$17.45 /month $174.5 /year

Buy plan
  • Unlimited Boxes
  • Unlimited Spore Prints
  • 50 Agar plates
  • 15 Liquid Cultures
  • Unlimited Spore Syringes
  • 50 Spawns
  • 35 Fruiting Chambers
  • Unlimited Flushes
  • 10 Images per experience


Answers to your Frequently Asked Questions

MyciDB is an application designed to facilitate mushroom cultivation tracking and optimization. It provides a user-friendly interface for growers to record and analyze their mushroom cultivation data, helping them enhance their productivity and efficiency.

Yes, this is a web-based platform accessible from various devices, including desktops, laptops, tablets, and smartphones. You can easily log in to your account from anywhere with an internet connection.

We take data security seriously. Your information is encrypted and protected using industry-standard security protocols, ensuring the utmost privacy and confidentiality.

Yes, MyciDB provides comprehensive analytics based on your cultivation data. You can access visualizations, and performance metrics to optimize your mushroom cultivation process.

Yes, you can track and manage multiple mushroom genera, species and even strains simultaneously. It offers versatility to accommodate different types of cultivars.

To get started, simply visit our website and register. Once registered, you can start inputting your cultivation data and explore the features.

Absolutely! We provide dedicated customer support to address any queries or issues you might have. You can reach out to us through our support channels.

Currently, MyciDB is available in English. However, we are exploring the possibility of adding support for other languages in the future.

We strive to improve continually. Updates with new features and enhancements are released regularly to enhance the user experience and functionality. Once logged, you can submit features and feedback with the bottom right button.

Yes, we offer a free offer for new users to explore the features.

Yes, you can cancel your MyciDB subscription at any time. Your data will remain accessible until the end of your billing period.

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Start your mushroom journey now.

Optimizing growth conditions, maximizing yields, and simplifying your path to mushroom success. Never forget something ever again.